Odyssey® 1200 Screw Drive

The Odyssey® 1200 screw drive garage door opener features a patented direct drive system. It has all the lifting force needed (1 HPc) to raise sectional doors up to 14 ft. high or one-piece doors up to 8 ft. high.​


​DC power
A powerful 1 HPc* Power Plus motor delivers 140V and has quiet operation.

Enjoy the convenience of a maximum opening speed of up to 10 inches per second.

​Auto seek frequency range
The opener listens for both the 315 or 390 Mhz frequency emitted by a remote or wireless keypad, allowing reliable operation even in areas with frequency interference.

Limited lifetime motor and drive screw
5 year limited parts
1 year accessories

​Assembled in the USA
Odyssey® 1200 garage door openers are assembled in the USA.

​DoorDetect™ monitoring and diagnostic technology
Delivers the optimal amount of power needed to efficiently and smoothly open even the heaviest doors. Stops the door when abnormal operation is detected for additional safety.

Two-bulb lighting system with motion detection
Two 100 Watt bulb lighting system provides added safety and convenience.

​CodeDodger® access security system
The latest in CodeDodger® technology that selects a code from billions of combinations each time a remote or wireless keypad are used. Helps prevent piracy of the radio signal for the utmost in security.
Safe-T-Beam® system
The infrared beam system features an enhanced design for durability. As objects pass through the infrared beam, the garage door will stop closing and then reverse as a safety precaustion. Self-diagnostic indicators report misalignment or damage.
Direct drive
Patented direct drive screw system provides a powerful and reliable performance.

​Maintenance free
Direct drive system means no gears, chains or belts to wear out. Also, no additional lubrication needed.
​Automobile convenience features
Compatible with HomeLink® and Car2U® systems.

*Horsepower comparable (HPc) designates that this garage door opener exceeds Overhead Door's lifting force specification for 1 HP garage door openers.​​​​​